Planning Process

planning-processPreparation of the planning dossier

This includes all application forms, relevant plans & scale drawings, photographs, explanation of the project, details of the land with any proposed changes to access, septic tank installations, etc. A typical dossier comprises between 10 and 25 pages of drawings, site plans and ancillary documentation. We prepare the full dossier for you so all you have to do is sign it prior to presentation.

Presentation to the local Mairie

The dossier must be delivered to your local Mairie (town hall) in the first instance, as they keep track of it and issue the receipt. We will carry this out for you and ensure that a signed & dated receipt is provided.

Presentation to the Planning Authority

The planning authority responsible for dealing with applications varies from area to area. Your dossier will be sent to the appropriate local authority by your local Mairie. Once a decision has been reached, the result will be sent back to your local Mairie, who will let you know the outcome. If there are any queries prior to a decision being reached (missing documents, additional information or clarification needed, etc.) the planning authority will ask you to supply the items or information required. Again, this must be delivered to the Mairie within specified time limits. Failure to do so will mean your application will be cancelled automatically.


Once approval has been received you may begin work, but only after you have advised the Mairie that you are doing so and only after a planning 'panneau' has been erected at the site of the project.

At all stages of this process we will be available with help and assistance to ensure your application is handled smoothly.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your project.
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Verity-talking-at-show-bor2 Several times a year we exhibit at the UK’s leading venues (Olympia Manchester Central, NEC, etc), holding seminars on French planning laws and advising clients on a range of subjects affecting their property and business investments in France. Why not drop in for a coffee and a chat!

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Planning Overview

Irrespective of the type of planning application, the procedure follows the same general pattern and we have summarised it for you here.

Please feel free to ask for any further information you may need regarding your particular project.



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