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Barn Conversions In France

If you are thinking of converting a barn in France, this guide provides some practical tips.  Questions such as, "Do I need planning permission for a barn conversion?" and "how to get planning permission for a barn conversion?" Download to read our guide to barn conversions.   

Date 2020-11-09
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Campsites and yurts
Campsites and yurts FRONT COVER ONLY

Campsites and yurts are increasingly popular for holidays in France – and provide business opportunities, too. This guide considers the key planning issues. For example, “Do I need planning permission for a campsite or yurt?”, how to get planning permission, as well as the local and national

Date 2023-11-01
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Renovating your chateau
Chateau renovation FRONT COVER ONLY

For many of us, owning and renovating a French château is a dream we aspire to.  This guide considers the practical considerations involved, including how to apply for planning permission, budgeting for renovation costs, and managing a renovation project. Download to read our guide to

Date 2023-11-01
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Equestrian Centres
Equestrian Centres FRONT COVER ONLY

Setting up an equestrian centre in France may not be as simple as one would think - this short guide gives some insights into the process.

Date 2023-11-01
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Do I need planning permission for a shed in France?

Constructing a garden shed is a good DIY project but depending on the size and the location it may need planning permission - this short guide gives you some guidance.

Date 2023-11-01
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3 Things to consider before you buy a French property
3 things to consider before you sign FRONT COVER

Before you sign on the dotted line and commit to buy the property, there are some key things you need to think about, and of course every project is different.  In this article we highlight 3 issues to look out for.

Date 2023-11-01
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French Alps - Planning considerations
French Alpine property FRONT COVER ONLY

The French Alps are a popular location for UK homebuyers as well as other nationalities. If you are thinking of renovating a property or building a home in the French Alps, this document will provide you with information on some of the planning and construction issues that you need to

Date 2023-11-01
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What is the role of the Architectes des Bâtiments de France?
What is the role of the ABF front cover

The ABF is an organisation called the Architectes des Bâtiments de France. They are responsible for protecting and managing the architectural heritage of France. This article gives a brief overview of their role.

Date 2023-11-01
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Swimming Pools in France - What you need to know
Swimming Pools front cover

If you are thinking of installing your own pool in France, there are a few things you need to consider ensuring that you comply with planning requirements.  This useful guide will show you how.

Date 2023-11-01
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Declaration Prealable - Post Approval Requirements

Congratulations your application has been approved! Now you have received planning permission for your project there are some things you need to do and be aware of to ensure your project runs smoothly.

Date 2023-11-01
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Permis de Construire - Post Approval Requirements

Congratulations your application has been approved! Now you have received planning permission for your project there are some things you need to do and be aware of to ensure your project runs smoothly.

Date 2023-11-01
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Meet the team : Arthur Cutler
Arthur Cutler COVER

Arthur Cutler has been Director of French Plans since its foundation in 2003. In this interview, Arthur shares his experience of handling French Planning issues over the past two decades - and offers advice to those considering buying a French property.

Date 2023-11-01
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Meet the team : Tom Easdown
Tom Easdown COVER

Tom is an architect at French Plans. In the article, Tom talks about his family's decision to move to France and the things he particularly enjoys in his life here.

Date 2023-11-01
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Meet the team : Michael Baldwin
Michael Baldwin website

Michael Baldwin is French Plans’ representative in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (PACA) region of France. In this article, Michael tells us what brought him to France and why he enjoys working as an architect, together with helping clients to apply for planning permission.

Date 2023-11-01
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Flood Risks in France

Almost 25% of French residents live in areas at risk of flooding. We consider the causes, questions to ask and planning issues.

Date 2023-11-06
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Modern Methods of Construction

How and why modular and other techniques are changing the way in which properties are built – including in France

Date 2023-11-06
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Planning Notices in France

Everything you need to know about Planning Notices in France

Date 2023-11-06
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Environmental Regulation in France - RE 2020

France’s new environmental regulation - RE 2020: The Key Facts

Date 2023-11-06
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Guide to Planning in France

Everything you need to know about planning permission in France!

Date 2023-11-27
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